Saturday, 14 May 2016

Reasons why joy of writing comes with fountain pen

There are two kinds of writings, one, which one has to do for professional reasons and other for purely personal reasons. The professional writing may be fast and brief. It can be about some lines and some points on professional topics. Mostly ball points are used for these writings. But for purely writing pleasure the fountain pen is the best writing instrument. It flows smoothly on the paper and is more personal in character than a ball point pen. Here are some reasons, why a fountain pen ca is the best writing instrument to take pleasure and joy from writings.

The nib of the fountain pen gives more personal writings choices. The person can take nib, in gold or stain less steel. The nib takes the wear of the user. That style of writing which a nib gives is the style of the user. This makes a fountain pen more personal than any other pen.

Fountain pen cannot be used in carefree manner like a ball point pen. It has its own speed, it slows down the speed of writing that is why, and fountain pen is recommended for writing improvements.  This pace allows users to write each sentence with flow of thoughts without need for correcting and rewriting.

For writing with ball point pen, the user has to add bit of pressure on the pen during writing. The fountain pen just needs to be connected with the paper and ink flows from the nib without any extra efforts.   There is no gap between letters when writing with fountain pen.

Fountain pens  Promotional Pens Manufacturers in Mumbai can be used with lot of different ink colors. The ink can range from black to blue to red and green. The quality of ink is much better than that used in ballpoint pens.  There is something in fountain pens that makes them look great in hand.  The contoured nib section, where the pen is gripped, and slightly weight of the pen gives more comfortable writing experience.

Unlike ball point pen, Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai the fountain pen does not causes much fatigue to the user .The flow of nib on paper just needs to be guided by the hand of the users, without pressure on the pen, this gives less fatigue to the users.

Free hand writing, which is writing with long hand with little pressure on pen, can be done only with fountain pen. This style allows one to write randomly all thoughts on paper without caring for giving some direction to thoughts. This is way to clear mind and de clutters it. Some people do this every day as a kind of meditation. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Credit card pen drive as gifts

The shape, size and light weight of the credit card pen drives is increasingly making them an attractive option for gifts. The ample space on the both sides of the cards makes converts them into a personal accessory. The space on sides of the credit card like pen drives gives creativity outlet to users. The marketing and music companies are using the cards as promotional items to promote their music and films and products. The design of the promoting company, its brand image, logo and business messages are printed on the sides of the credit card pen drive.  The message and image of the company will always in front of the users, whenever the pen drive is used to download or upload something.

The shape and size makes them easy to carry in the pocket without any inconvenience. The large memory space starting from 4 to 12 GB also gives these credit card pen drives additional advantage compare to earlier version of pen drive. The credit card pen drives have no protruding part for inconvenience. Some creative marketing are customizing the credit card pen drive. The printing process is set up in malls and multiplex, and uses are asked to select any design, color, pattern, or graphics. The final selection is printing on the cards before distributing them. This way the companies are reaching out to more and more customers. The new customers are coming mainly from younger generation but old customers are retained by giving them something to keep as personal item. The new shape pen drives are living and moving brands of the promotional companies. This is the direct approach of the companies to directly connect with customers and users.

The inherent quality of the credit card pen drive makes them fast selling promotional item. The inherent quality is that the receiver can delete the promotional material after listening and fill the vast memory of the card, according to own requirements. The personalization of the card pen drive Credit Card Pen Drive Suppliers ensures that card will remain with the users for much longer period than other promotional items. The versatile use of credit card pen drive also gives freedom to carry music, documents and resumes without the need for additional USB drive. With these cards, the need for large memory expensive cards may come down.

Designers, lawyers, artists and grapplers are increasingly adopting the credit card pen drive in their daily use. These professions are the new customers of the credit card pen drives. The designing of Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai  the cards can be done in accordance with the profession and profile demand of the user. This increases the effectiveness of the credit card pen drives as promotional mean. The cards are sold through gifts shops to differentiate them from normal pen drives. The company can select the pen drive cards on basis of their thickness, paper of plastic material and function.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Favorite pens of the famous personalities and writers

Falling in love with gadgets is normal things in the current times.  But having a favorite pen may sound strange to the younger generation, who use pens just because they have to make notes and pass exams. Anyone who likes reading and writing most often likes to keep a special pen for writing purposes. The selection of favorite pen can be on the basis of its writing quality, manufacturing quality or just because there are some sweet memories associated with the pen. The use of favorite pen links the writer with the language and thoughts flow smoothly on the paper.

The famous detective writer of Sherlock novels had parker Duofold fountain pen. He wrote all his later novels with this pen. The homage was paid to the writer and his pen by the BBC series on the writer. Another famous writer and creator of the cartoon Mickey Mouse Walt Disney often used Schaeffer pens.

A pen which is at the display at the museum in Leiden in Holland penned the theory of relativity. The noble prize theory was written the legendary scientist Albert Einstein, who used waterman taper cap pen for the games changer theory. He also has another pen pelican 100 N pen.

Writer of many popular novels Stephan king water man fountain pen to write the novel Dreamcather. The author mentioned that by using the pen, he got in touch with the language, which he had not achieved in many years. It is the emotional and physiological effect of using finest Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai writing instrument and favorite pen that enhances the joy for writer and same effect is carried on to the readers in reading.

Hollywood actor of such violent films such a First blood and Rambo series Sylvester Stallone is found of montegrappa pens. He used the pen made by the company in expandable 11. The pens are made with precious materials and are produce in limited number.

 Both British queen and Prince of Wales are parker users. The queen has been using parker 51 for personal use since 1959.  

A famous book in the world literature is in form of a dairy written by the teenager Anne frank during war days. Her observations about surroundings and her personal feelings were penned Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai down on the paper by the montblanc fountain pen   . This pen was accidentally thrown in the fire by her and she wrote ‘ode ‘to the pen.

It is not necessary that only a costly pen can become favorite pen. Any pen which contacts writer or user to the language and paper and gives the joy of writing can become the favorite pen. But it is often seen that bit expensive pen due to its manufacturing process and quality give better experience than other pens. The quality of pens also ensures that they can be kept for longer period.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Visiting Card Pen Drive are becoming Fashion Statement

The size and shape of the visiting card pen drives are attracting young customers to them. These cards are very easy to carry and do not occupy the any space in the pocket or purse. They are slim and come in attractive designs. Since, they are like visiting cards; they have plenty of space on both sides to create any design or image catering to the imagination of the younger clients. This aspect of these cards has been exploited by the leading marketing companies. The companies are making card pen drives as marketing tools for promotion of music, games, films and occasions associated with festivals and company days.

The memory range of visiting card pen drives is enough to store large data for business or professional proposes.  The designers, web designers, lawyers, charted accountant and students are finding it easy to carry the date stored in pen drive. The light weight, ultra slim size and chance to customize the card are the factor leading to the popularity of the card. The users can easily convert the card into an item reflecting their interest. The printing of images, patterns, designs and color or shades can create as many different cards as users. No card can have the same design on it. This aspect is making these visiting cards more popular than ever. The old pen drives were not slim and have sharp edges. But the visiting cards pen drives come in plastic form with no protruding corner.

Manufacturers are Pen Drive Manufacturers in Mumbai creating printing facilities to print anything on customers demand on visiting card pen drives. The technology till now can create only permanent design. But in the future, the manufacturers may be able to remove one design and create another design. This way the customers will be able to renew their card size pen drive according to their mood and festive occasions.  This aspect of the visiting card pen drives then will make everyone to take the promotional card pen drive with a view to change in later according to own taste .

To create Visiting Card Pen Drive Suppliers different market for the card pen drives, the companies are not selling them through normal computer stationery shops. These cards are sold primarily through gifts shops. The marketing of these card pen drives is being done to project them as kind of fashion accessories, with dual use as pen drives. The companies who are using them as promotional tools are getting new customers. These companies are directly taking the business message to customers. Unlike several other promotional tools, these tools are permanently kept by the customers. The dual use as pen drives makes them moving company brands and logos.  Some innovative marketing companies are printing only one side of the visiting card pen drives with company logo, the other side is left clean to give option to user to printing any design or image they like. The printing is done at the time of distribution of card pen drives in malls and cinema halls.