Thursday, 12 May 2016

Credit card pen drive as gifts

The shape, size and light weight of the credit card pen drives is increasingly making them an attractive option for gifts. The ample space on the both sides of the cards makes converts them into a personal accessory. The space on sides of the credit card like pen drives gives creativity outlet to users. The marketing and music companies are using the cards as promotional items to promote their music and films and products. The design of the promoting company, its brand image, logo and business messages are printed on the sides of the credit card pen drive.  The message and image of the company will always in front of the users, whenever the pen drive is used to download or upload something.

The shape and size makes them easy to carry in the pocket without any inconvenience. The large memory space starting from 4 to 12 GB also gives these credit card pen drives additional advantage compare to earlier version of pen drive. The credit card pen drives have no protruding part for inconvenience. Some creative marketing are customizing the credit card pen drive. The printing process is set up in malls and multiplex, and uses are asked to select any design, color, pattern, or graphics. The final selection is printing on the cards before distributing them. This way the companies are reaching out to more and more customers. The new customers are coming mainly from younger generation but old customers are retained by giving them something to keep as personal item. The new shape pen drives are living and moving brands of the promotional companies. This is the direct approach of the companies to directly connect with customers and users.

The inherent quality of the credit card pen drive makes them fast selling promotional item. The inherent quality is that the receiver can delete the promotional material after listening and fill the vast memory of the card, according to own requirements. The personalization of the card pen drive Credit Card Pen Drive Suppliers ensures that card will remain with the users for much longer period than other promotional items. The versatile use of credit card pen drive also gives freedom to carry music, documents and resumes without the need for additional USB drive. With these cards, the need for large memory expensive cards may come down.

Designers, lawyers, artists and grapplers are increasingly adopting the credit card pen drive in their daily use. These professions are the new customers of the credit card pen drives. The designing of Promotional Pen Drives Suppliers in Mumbai  the cards can be done in accordance with the profession and profile demand of the user. This increases the effectiveness of the credit card pen drives as promotional mean. The cards are sold through gifts shops to differentiate them from normal pen drives. The company can select the pen drive cards on basis of their thickness, paper of plastic material and function.

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