Monday, 13 June 2016

How to select a good pen to enhance writing pleasure

Only those who have used a fine pen can understand the writing pleasure that comes from the good pen in the hand. The feel of a well made pen and the strokes of its writing on the paper provide writing luxury  known to only people with good quality pens. But if someone likes to experience this luxury, then here are some points which must be adhered to get the feel and pleasure.

First step is to get the feel of the pen, whether is a plastic one or metal one. The pen should be fit, that means no part of it should have loose parts. The cap must be firm in the place. The clip of the pen must remain secure and strong after removing the pen from the shirt pocket. The place where the finger and thumb has to remain during the duration of writing must be comfortable for long writing period.

Then look for finish for quality of the pen. The material may be plastic or metal engraved with some pattern giving luxury look, the pattern on the cap and barrel should align, when pen is closed. The barrel of the pen should have no rough edges or burrs. The polished on the pen has to be even from one end to anther end.

The most important part of the examination is holding the pen in hand to see how it behaves. The holding pen in writing mode will give the best indications whether this pen is for you or not. When holding pen in finger and thumb for writing, there should be no pressure on the backward or forward by the pen. The cap of the pen should be secured with the pen during checking this balancing act. The well made Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai pen show great balance and comfort when holding them.

In case of fountain pen, the nib of the pen has to be smooth. It must not scratch, or cut the paper with running over it without ink. The ball point pen, gel pens and roller pens must remain firm during writing. The writing part of them must not shake during writing. That is the most important thing in selecting a pen. The writing part has to remain firm for giving user control over the writing. The grip on the pen for writing purpose should not lead to fatigue. 


Selecting plastic and metal material is personal preference and in many cases has no impact on the quality of pen and its writing quality. The metal finish Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai no doubt looks beautiful but great pen can also be bought in plastic in lot of colors for daily use.

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