Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Benefits Of Using Ball Point Pen

Everyone has a favorite writing instrument. Even those who are not much in writing prefer one pen over other. People with passion for writing or those who have career based on writing always have strong preference for particular brand or type of pen, whether fountain or ball point. But general people, with little interest in writing have to write something or other during the working day. Most of these people prefer ball point pen. Ball point pen do not need daily refilling unlike fountain pens. They can last with one refill for a month easily for the people, who do not have to write whole day. They do not leak and can be used on any kind of paper.

The fountain pen does not have this kind of ability. The ink of fountain pen can smear on some poor quality paper. But this never happens with the ball point pen. Ball point pen can write on any quality of paper. For someone who is always on the move, and cannot find to change the pen daily, ball point pen is the best option. With ball point pen, one can write in any situation, even when the pen is above the writing table level.  The chances of leaking of a ball point pen in the pocket of shirt or pant is rare. This makes it safe for the daily commuting.

Another benefit is that ball point can be given to anyone for writing. The fountain pen are general fragile because of their nibs. The other person may have force writing style, which can deviate the nib from the normal way, which can cause difficulty to the owner to write afterwards.

Ball points are very Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai comfortable to write with for a left- handed person.  The ink of the ball point dry very quickly and one does not have to take care not to put hand on the writing.  Kids may find it difficult to write with fountain pen easily.  For writing with fountain pen, requires the nib, to remain in a particular position during writing.  Putting nib in any other position can easily break the nib. The ball point, on other hand, can be used in any position and can withstand the pressure on its tip of writing. The fountain pen cannot withstand the pressure on its nib. This makes a ball point, easy and comfortable writing instrument for kids and youngsters. The cost of ball point pens is also within the range of common person. The uses of ball point pens have Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai  increased in recent times due to availability of large number of low cost use and throw pens. The tip of ball point of these pens comes in different thickness sizes. This increases the option for users to choose for the writing they like.

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