Monday, 28 March 2016

Steps to select a perfect pen

There are different kinds of pen in the market. Mainly, the pens can be divided into two broad categories, they are: fountain pen and ball point pen. Then there is variety of pens under these two categories.  Then there are use and thrown pens. The buying of a pen should depend on the work of the user. If user has to do writing work as main part of the job, then costly and good pen will definitely work better. But if the use of the pen is only for the purpose of writing down some numbers, addresses, or writing down some information for personal use, then any pen can work. Also people, who have habit of losing pen, must not buy the costly pen.

If a person has to write on moving vehicles, then a ball point pen can be very good investment as they have good grip on the paper. For daily field work use, the pretty and fragile pen will be of no use. The quality of paper, one is writing on, decides the quality of the pen. If the paper is not of good quality, then user can buy average ball point pen. Ball point pens tend to provide good writing on any paper quality.

The left handed person should go for quick dry ink pen, because left handed writers generally smudge lot of ink on the paper. Here the use of ball point pen will be fine for the left handed writers or person. .The use of ball point pen will minimize the possibility of smudging on the paper.

The job of the person is the major factor deciding the kind of pen a person will use. The office people can use costly pens Promotional Pens Manufacturers in Mumbai but workers in construction industry, sales, marketing and counter staff in hotels, malls, and other public places, generally are not found with expensive pens.  If   one has to just write some address and phone number or filling some forms, then the ball point then will be the best option.

If a person has to carry the pen always in pocket of the shirt, then ball pen will be more comfortable to keep then a fountain pen, because the possibility of ink leakage in ball point pen is almost nil .For a busy person, the filling fountain pen daily before Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai going out of the home will be a burden. For students, marketing and sales persons, workers engaged in any industry, the use of ball point pen can be convenient.

Some people tend to write dairy of their daily activity. Here, thin point pilot pen will give lot of writing on small dairy pages. During summer vacations or holidays, students can use fountain pens to improve their handwriting. It has been proved the writing with fountain pens improves the handwriting.  

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