Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Importance of note taking and ideas to make it effective

We often think that note making or taking process should stop at the university or college level. Anyone taking notes after leaving college is often considered childlike. It is only our mental conditioning, which does not allow us take notes in adult life or in professional life. The head of the virgin group, Richard Branson cannot go to any place or discuss any idea, without note taking. He has mentioned that his habit of note taking and reviewing them has led to the formation of several companies of the virgin group. Many of these businesses would never have emerged, had he not taken notes of several new ideas or thoughts of other people.

An effective note taking habit keeps mind busy by feeding it with new information and ideas. It helps a person to get more insight into the matters. It makes person to get the ability to separate meaningful talks from just idle chattering.

Writer or individual can make the notes more effective by including certain points in the process.  The foremost thing, which a writer should understand is that the notes should be in own language of the writer. This makes it easy to understand the topic or thought and can easily be reviewed later. The notes should be brief and selective. If possible, the notes should be in simple language as much as possible. This habit of putting everything into simple language helps a person to understand the complex thoughts better. He or she can explain others easily and can retain the information or idea permanently.

A great way of relaxing is to keep written record of every major activity and things to do. This will clear the mind and person can enjoy the free moments. The person, who writes down every major or minor activity of the day and next day, will never have confusion mind. Whatever may the busy schedule or nature of his or her work, the calm and relax demeanor can easily come to such person.

Besides brief and written in own language, Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai the notes which are well spaced can be made long later with more relevant points. One can also add the diagrams, images or some graphics to make the idea as clear as possible. Notes can be in linear and spider grams.  Linear notes are written with heading and subheading while spidergrams notes can come on one page and show pattern of main idea with other related ideas in diagram way. These types of notes are also called mind maps. The type of notes one writes or makes depends on the thinking process of the person.  To make the notes interesting one can add colors or maps for more clarity. Let the process begin with buying a Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai good note book and a fine pen. These two basic note making instrument may prompt the buyers into fulfilling and rewarding habit of note making.

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