Saturday, 16 April 2016

Qualities of a good writing instrument

Only those who have used a fine writing instrument can understand the feel of that kind of pen in hands and smoothness in its writing strokes. It will be difficult for such a person to go back to the average pen. To help a person in selecting good writing instrument, some qualities of any good pen are described here.

First thing to note in any pen is its fitness. That means the pen should have not loose parts. The cap of the pen should fit with the lower part of the pen, without leaving any gap. The clip of the pen must remain straight all the time and should come back to the original position, once pen is removed from the pocket.

Whatever should be the color or material of the pen, the finish should be smooth and must have quality about it.  The entire body of the pen must not have any rough edges. The pens with consistent and matte finish are good. Another basic feature a good pen must have is balance. The user can find the balance by holding the pen in writing position between thumb and index finger. The pen should not have excess weight in front or back sides.  The user can also find the balance of the pen by securing the cap to the back of the pen and then writing with the pen. All well made pens, whether slight or heavy are fine balance pens.

Now, if the user is buying the fountain pen, the nib of the pen should be smooth on the writing paper. The un- inked nib should not cut the paper or scratch it. The choice of gold or steel nib is personal affair. It can also increase the prize of the pen.  The cap less pens, whether gel pen, ball point pen or roller point pen, must have good mechanism for extending and taking back the writing point of the pen. The writing point of the pen should stay in place for fine writing.

A pen from a quality manufacturer will have all these features. The manufacturer or supplier can exchange Cross Pen Suppliers in Mumbai the any faulty part of the pen. They may give new nib, if nib is damaged within few days of buying the fountain pen. The quality or branded pens have branded refills or nibs and even inks. The users should try as far as possible to have branded items with braded pens to enjoy the best writing. Because the quality of the pen, to great extend depends on the nib in case of fountain pen and refill in case of ball point pens. The purpose of buying expensive pen will be defeated if the pen Sheaffer Pen Suppliers in Mumbai has ordinary refill inside it.  Same thought applies to the fountain pen, if the ink is of ordinary quality, and then the use of expensive fountain pen is defeated. The ink must dry quickly. It should not smear or smudge. 

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